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Our Human Resources Manager: Djodjinma SORO

It is great to have Djodjinma SORO on board as our Human Resource Manager. She tells you about her job.


Why do you work at KORI Transport?

"I have always wanted to work in a corporate environment that offered an opportunity for career development. I found this in KORI Transport. The employees work as a team. They are open and have a family spirit that makes it easy to work together, even during periods of increased activity."


What do you do to motivate the team?

"The best employees are rewarded to keep them constantly motivated. We started rewarding the best driver of the year 2019 and we are planning to continue with this kind of competition among our drivers."


What do you like about your work at KORI Transport?

“KORI Transport always aspires to a brighter future with a diversification of activity. It offers its employees the opportunity to share their past experiences to the benefit of the company and to express their talent by guiding them. In addition, management is increasingly promoting the recruitment of women to key positions in the company."


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Djodjinma. We wish you all the best in your career!

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