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Safety arrangements to observe during Ramadan

Awareness session at KORI Transport Headquarters

“Many drivers and road users are observing Ramadan which began today, March 11, 2024 in our country. During this period, fasting occurs between sunrise and sunset. Due to the change in habits and organization, our drivers are exposed to numerous risks which can lead to serious accidents. It is therefore imperative to observe security measures in order to control said risks.”

TotalEnergies Marketing Côte d'Ivoire, partner of KORI Transport, found it wise to carry out an awareness campaign among professional drivers of KORI Transport.

From the session that took place the following preventive measures were retained. These are :

- Adapt speed to the environment;

- Not resisting fatigue;

- Respect the route plan;

- Eat only after parking the vehicle;

- Respect the rules and driving times.

As a gas transport professional in Ivory Coast, KORI Transport makes safety a point of honor.

Thanks to Cornelia KOUASSI and André Manahen KOFFI representatives of TotalEnergies Marketing Côte d'Ivoire for this enriching session.

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