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Our Mechanic: Boubacar Kone

Please introduce yourself and describe your background with KORI Transport?
"My name is KONE Boubacar, I am Mechanic at KORI Transport. I've loved mechanics since I was a child. As I didn't have the opportunity to follow an academic study, I learned on the job. I've been working in mechanics since 1995 and I joined the KORI Transport team in 2013." 


What do you think of working at KORI and how would you describe your job?
"Since the start of KORI Transport, work has been carried out in a good family atmosphere, regardless of the rank of the employees. Respect and ‘doing your job well’ have always been among KORI Transport’s qualities.”

"Mechanics is a job that requires a lot of physical effort, patience and up-to-date knowledge. This is the case, because technology evolves and so do vehicle parts. I learned a lot at KORI, for example I learned about car electricity. This adds an important component to my know-how. I am very proud of it."

"At the beginning of my time at KORI’s, the work was much harder compared to now. KORI Transport has modernized a lot over time. We have been certified and recruitments have been made, which is a great benefit to the service and the company. "


What do you think of KORI Transport’s management?
"Management is very involved and the garage is in continuous improvement with the new working methods of the Fleet Manager. These methods are much more organized and better adapted to KORI's dynamic vision. I know that KORI has a very promising future and this motivates me to work more at this great organisation."

"I am proud to work at KORI Transport. I love my job and I perform it with dedication and love."

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